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    Ken Xinh is a reputable company, leading quality in providing services for individuals and businesses. Along with modern thinking and distinctive design styles, Ken Xinh offers customers exquisite, unique products rich in aesthetics that reach class values to satisfy the most demanding customers. At the same time, the products of Ken Xinh actively contributed to the beauty of the urban and homeland of Vietnam.

    Team of architects and engineers with many years of experience in the field of design and construction, always interested in details in the design and constructionconsulting process. Ken Xinh’s projects and products are meticulous combination of architectural elements – human, traditional – contemporary, functional – aesthetic, quality – value, in order to achieve harmony and The most delicate.

    The biggest difference that Coc Xinh brings to its customers and projects is the professionalismin the working process. The team of architects, engineers and employees is trained and assigned to manage the work optimally according to the plan built. Accurate and flexible coordination between the management – design – construction – supervision – customer care departments always ensures the project is completed on schedule, ensuring the accuracy and the best quality for customer.